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Fitness Programming

Fitness Programming is for people who would like to have their own personalized training program without coming into see a personal trainer. The process is the same as if you were going to do personal training, as you will still have an initial assessment either in person or virtually to gather all information.


The trainer will create a custom fitness program specifically for you keeping in mind the environment you will be working out in and the equipment that you will have access to. 


The program will come with videos, pictures, and instructions as well as an optional weekly virtual check-in and of course a monthly check in to re evaluate your progress and the program. 

Running Programs are also available and will be prices based on the race and the timeframe you have.


To get started..... Just sign up for an in person or virtual Initial assessment. If you have any additional questions, or need a day or time you do not see, you can email us instead. 


Must sign up for an initial assessment, fees will be waived if you purchase a program at the time of appointment. Then program will be emailed to you along with pictures, videos, and instructions. 


1 Month - $125

3 Months - $345

6 Months - $675

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