Running Program

The running program is a 12 week program for half marthoners or 16 weeks for full marathoners. The program includes a detailed description of what each run should look like as well what to do on crosstraining days.Each program is designed specifically for your running goal and particular race. 

Sport Specific Program

The sport specific program is tailored to our athletes or weekend warriors. If there is specific sport you are training for or like to improve upon this is for you. The program focuses on lifting to get stronger and agilties to work on directional movement. Each program will be customized to your specific goal or sport.

Strength and Cardio Program

The Strenth and cardio program is for people who are working on a specifc goal or problem. This program can be used for people who are looking to loose, gain, or maintain weight. Each program is tailored to your specific goals and needs. 

What exactly is online fitness programming and how does it work?

Fitness programming is an individualized program created  just for you. Its a day by day program to follow at your own time and your own place so you can always fit it into your crazy, busy life.

Each program is created a month at a time and is broken down day by day, with a description of exactly what to do as well as a library of videos and pictures.

I will start with an initial consult (can be done in person, skype or through an email/form depending on location) where I get to know a little bit more about you, what your goals are, what has worked for you in the past or what hasn't and get a little health history. After assessing, I will create a personalized program for you, based on where you will be working out and what equipment you have available. I will then give you a program that last for 4 weeks along with videos and pictures to help describe some of the movements.  I will check in with you every week, (can be done in person, skype or through email, depending on location)

Fitness programming is better than traditional personal training because of the flexibility of working out where ever and whatever time you want. It is also much more cost effective, less stressful and more convenient in our busy life for both the trainer and the client. The programs are specialized just for you and what your goals are and how your progress is going. 

To get signed up for one of the three programs, email

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