Why are fundamentals so important?

Back to basics. You probably hear people harp on the importance of having a good foundation and you think to yourself, well that makes sense. But why exactly is it soo important?

Your body stores information in the central nervous system and every time you learn a new movement, a motor pattern is integrated and stored. These movements become automatic and are fine-tuned by unconscious feedback that your body is storing as you are learning something new. The saving of motor patterns make the neuromuscular system more efficient when the body is exposed to similar demands. For this reason, we do not have to think about a movement like riding a bike, throwing a ball or doing an olympic lift.

The problem occur when you have saved a faulty motor patter (bad mechanics) and is now stored for later use and when we draw upon time after time, that is how injury occurs. So now have stored bad mechanics, increased our chance of injury and have made it twice as hard to correct.

Most of time these are things we have learned when we were very young and just have been doing it our whole life and it doesn't effect our every day life until the repetitiveness has created an injury. But this is also the reason we recommend you to see health professionals when you are learning something new, so you learn it right the first time and prevent injury in the future. If you would like to learn more about proper lifting mechanics, call to schedule a 1-1 session with our certified exercise physiologist.

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