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Who is behind Performance and Recovery

It’s me, Sarah, and Remy again. Now that you know a little bit more about my business, I thought I would introduce myself, the exercise physiologist.

I currently live in Waltham with my dog Remington. I am originally from Minnesota but have been living out east for the past 17 years after coming out here for school. I attended Keene State College in NH where I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and also played volleyball. Then went on to get my MBA from Northeastern University.

Even though my degree was in exercise science I really wanted to pursue a career in sports management by either being an athletic director or sports information director. I was able to do multiple internships in the field but had a hard time finding a job afterward. In the meantime, I coached Volleyball at Emmanuel College for 4 years while temping at various jobs.

When it was time to move on and find something more permanent, I found myself working for companies that did not value my education or ideas, so I decided to stop helping other people improve their business and to start my own. That is when Performance and Recovery started.

I knew that with a mix of my education, the experience I have gained through various jobs and the knowledge of how healthcare works, I could make something special. I didn’t want to just open another gym, I wanted something fun and different. My background is in health promotion, and I wanted to have an all-encompassing health and wellness center. When I first started, we had acupuncture, massage, and a chiropractor, but as time went by it never stuck, so I wanted to go back to the basics and really focus on personal training.

When I was studying at Keene State College, I did personal training with the students, but was really interested in strength and conditioning with the athletic teams. Since I was playing volleyball it was difficult to get to work with a lot of the teams, but I was able to take over the lifting and agilities for both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. That is when I decided I wanted to focus more on being a strength coach than a personal trainer. For my internship I got to work at Velocity sports performance working with high school, college, and professional athletes.

After my summer internship, I got the opportunity to go over to Europe to play volleyball for a month and when I got back, I had got my acceptance letter for Grad School. So I put fitness on hold while I finished my MBA and then by that point had switched career choices into sports management.

When I couldn’t find a job in sports management, I went back to my first love of training. This time I decide that I should work any type of client I wanted. I really do love working with athletes, but I also love working with the general public, so I trained both.

Once I had committed to the training route, I decided to further my education and take the ACSM Certificate for Exercise Physiology. This is a certification that only people who have a degree in health science can take, and something that would separate me from others and became a certified exercise physiologist instead of a personal trainer.

With this degree it gave me the knowledge and opportunity to work with various different clientele, and have allowed me to work with pre/post-natal clients, post-surgical clients, post menopause clients, post hysterectomy clients, pre/post bariatric clients, and PCOS clients. I look forward to working with many other people and learning more about each disease and how exercise can help.

I also hold certificates in:

PRONATAL: Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist

SPINNING: Spinning Instructor Certificate

CROSSFIT: Level 1 Trainer Certificate

So when I am not training clients, I try to read and learn as much as I possibly can, and one of the ways I can do that is by educating people with my blog. I will be relaying information to you as I learn it and researching any questions you may have that I don’t have the answers to and provide you with the most up to date information from credible sources.

I hope you follow along and let me know if you had any questions you would like me to answer or any products you would like me to review.


Sarah and Remy

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