What sitting is really doing to your body

I'm sure you have all heard that sitting is the new smoking or something close to that. Not only is it bad for your health, its bad for your body. Sitting all day is causing health issues, such as poor circulation, heart disease, and even diabetes. While sitting all day in bad posture is killing your body.

Lets think about the position you are in while sitting at a desk. Its like a doing a squat, without any of the benefits. While sitting, your hips are bent and your ligaments are shortening, causing you all sorts of pain in your glutes, hamstrings and back. Then your usually leaning into your screen with your shoulders shrugged and back rounded, or your desk is too high and your leaning your elbow on your desk to type also causing your shoulders to shrug, and if your computer isn't at eye level, your head is usually tilted down for a long period of time.

Sitting in bad posture is bad for you body, but also sitting for prolonged periods of time is also bad for you. Some times you can get in sucked into your work and before you know it, you have been staring at your computer for hours. The lack of movement will decrease circulation in your body, which makes it harder for blood to pump properly to your body. Also staring at a computer screen is defiantly not good for your eyes, especially now that we know about the blue screen.

I'm sure at this point, your thinking, well it doesn't matter, cause I have to sit all day at a desk for my job. Sitting all day at a desk doesn't have to come with all of these negative side affects. There are plenty of things you can do to combat some of these bad habits we have.

The first thing you should try to change is just getting up more. Once an hour get up and stand. When your on the phone is great time to get out of your chair and just stand. You can also set a timer to remind yourself. If you are able to leave your desk, even better. You can grab some stuff from the printer or take a quick lap around the office or fill up your water bottle.

The next thing we can do to help with sitting is to at least make sure you are sitting at your desk the most ergonomic. Standing desk are great for this, but I know not everyone is able to have one. So the proper way to set up your desk is to have your computer monitor at eye level and about an arms length away, you might have to stack your monitor on something to do so. Then you should have your desk at or below elbow height, so your elbows are not pressing into the desk and causing your shoulders to shrug. Then adjust the height of your chair so your knees are bent and at the same level as your hips. (See picture below for an example of how to set up your desk)

Also, if you are someone who stares at their computer all day, getting a pair of glasses that block blue ray light, will significantly help you out.

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