Upper Body Foam Rolling

Upper back: lift your butt off the floor and push off your feet to roll along your upper back from your neck to the middle of your back nice and slow. Stop at any spots that need extra attention and apply more pressure to work out any knots. Pass along your back about 5 times.

Lower back: lift butt off floor and push off your feet to roll along your lower back from the middle of your back to your butt. Roll along your back slowly until you find any spots that need attention and stop and apply pressure to work out knots. Pass through your back about 5 times.

Middle back: place foam roller along your spine long ways. Firmly press your legs on the ground and in a wide stance and slowly roll along your whole back laterally. Lay arms out to help with balance. Roll along back slowly from side to side. This is a more advanced movement and should not try if you don’t think you can balance yourself on the roller.

Neck: Lay on back and place foam roller under your neck. Press your neck into the roller and just turn your neck side to side and stop and apply more pressure on any area that is tender or has a knot.

Lats: place foam roller on floor and lay sideways on it placing the roller under your armpit. Brace your top leg on floor to help move up and down on long the side of your body from armpit to hip. This may be a lot of pressure on this area if it is really sore or tender so use your top arm to brace your body on the floor and take some pressure off.

Hip flexor: lay foam roller on the floor and lay face down on the floor placing the foam roller under the hips . Brace your upper body by laying on your elbows like a plank position and roll yourself up and down along your hip flexors. You may not even want to roll and just apply pressure to the area and relief some of the tension in this area.

Upper body foam rolling
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