NormaTec Recovery

Compression therapy is becoming very popular due to ease and results from using them. Normatec is the name brand that started it all. There are other products out there that do the same thing but Normatec is the company that did the research and put this amazing product out there for the everyday population to you. These recovery methods use to be just for the elite athletes and now anyone can get there hands on a pair. The best thing is, they are soo easy to use.

Not only are these compression boots great for recovering your legs, it can also help recover your mind. Since you have to lay down or sit while the boots are on, this is a great way for your mind to relax as well. You could take this time to do some mediation or read a book or just lay down and unplug from all electronics.

So how does the compression boots actually work? The compression helps enhance blood flow, so recovery becomes quicker. The Normatec boots do this by pulsing and holding the compressed air around your legs. By using the compression boots your body will need decreased recovery time, will reduce overall soreness, decrease muscle tension and inflammation, increase flexibility and overall range of motion, reduce swelling and water accumulation, and increase blood flow and circulation.

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