Lower Body Foam Rolling

Hamstrings: Roll along the bottom of your leg, also know as your hamstrings from your butt all the way to your knee. Roll over area very slowly to find areas of discomfort or knot. Then stop rolling and apply pressure at desired location. You can do one leg at a time or both with a longer roller.

Calf: Roll along your calf area, this area might be a little more sensitive toward your ankle as there is less muscle. Roll from the back of the knee to the ankle until you feel discomfort or a knot. Then stop rolling and apply pressure to work the knot out.

Adductor: Roll along the inner thigh area from hip to knee. If you are sore in this area, it will be very tender when you roll along it so apply light pressure. To get in this position, lay on your stomach and frog one leg out and then roll side to side.

Outer thigh: this area may also be called the IT band. To get in this position lay on your side on the roller and brace other log over and in front of the rolling leg. Roll this area from the hip to the side of the knee.

Quads: Roll along the front of your leg from your hip to the top of knee. Roll slowly along the quad till you find a place that needs some attention and apply more pressure to area. You can do this with one leg at a time or both on a longer roller.

Butt: Roll along the top of the butt to where your hamstrings meet. You can also sit on the roller at an angle and get more of the side of your butt. Roll back and forth until you find the desired area and apply pressure. You can do this one butt cheek at a time or both at the same time. I recommend doing one at a time.

Lower body foam rolling
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