Look at the positive side

I know this has been a crazy couple of weeks and it will probably become even harder, but since we can't control what is going on, lets at least look at the positive from this situation. What is the one thing that most people wish they had more of... besides money :)


How many times have we said in our life that we just need some more time, or I wish I had an extra day to get something done. Well, here is your shot! So lets make the best of this situation and gets some stuff done around the house and spend some quality time with your family. I have come up with a list of things you can do while being under quarantined in your house. Feel free to comment with additional ideas....

*Clean your house, like really really clean your house

*Reorganize ALL of your rooms, even individual drawers, (example, go through your sock drawer and actually throw out ones that don't have matching pairs)

*Go through your closet, and donate clothes or items you have not warn or used lately. (This will also go a long way for people who will be hit financially and will not be able to afford new clothes in the next coming months and will greatly appreciate your donations)

* Go for a walk/Run/Hike (being outside is fine as long as not in a crowd)

* Go for a long drive (Gas is cheap right now!)

* Create a conducive work from home space for you and possibly your child if they are out of school at the moment

* Put a puzzle together- there are also online puzzles if you don't have one laying around

* Play some board games or card games

* Have a star wars or Harry Potter Marathon

* Catch up on any other shows or movies you have wanting to see

* Go through some old papers and documents and shred or organize as needed

* Read a book

* Try a new recipe

* Plan out all your meals and meal prep for the week

* Do online classes/courses/certification to further your education or advance your career

* Do some yard work

* Clean your car inside and outside

* Go for a bike ride

* Go through your makeup and other cosmetics and throw away old brushes

* Take a long relaxing bath

* Try a facial or other beauty hacks

* Do some online shopping

* Do research on something new you wanted to know more about

* Apply to a grant or other time consuming survey or application

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