Importance of Agilities in Sports

Agility is the ability to move your body in multiple directions and switch in a different direction with ease and power. It requires quick reflexes, coordination, balance, and speed. These are all movements that you would do in a game if you are an athlete, so if we train these movements, you will become more agile and are less likely to injury yourself in a game or competition. The more proficient you become in these movements, the better athlete you will become in your sport.

There are many different ways to train agilities. The most common are ladder drills, cone drills, plyometrics and Shuttle Runs.

Ladder Drills are a great way to train in any direction and changing directions. They also work on speed and coordination.

Cone drills are another way to work on direction and speed.

Plyometrics works on explosiveness which also converts to power and speed.

Shuttle runs also work on directional movement and speed, but is more realistic to what you would be doing in a game.

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