How to Store your Fruit

Its finally summer and you might find yourself buying for fruits. Let us help you with how to pick the best fruit out and how to clean and store them.


What to look for

  • Look for bright red berries ( Strawberries do not continue to ripen after picked, so what you see is what you will get

  • Look for fresh green leaves

  • Look for plump berries

  • Look for no sign of mold

  • And don't forget to look at the berries at the bottom of the container as well

How to store

  • When you get home, open up the container and throw away any bad looking strawberries

  • Do not wash before you storing

  • You can use the same container or place them in a clean bowl that allows it to get air and put into refrigerator

  • Not letting it get wet until ready to eat is key

How to Prepare

  • Wash before eating and enjoy!


What to look for

  • When picking out grapes, color is a great indicator of what to expect

  • Look for full rich colors- Green or Red

  • The stems should be firm and not flimsy and tightly attached to the grapes

  • Avoid grapes that are shriveled, wet, or moldy

  • If you see a powdery- white coating on your grapes that is okay, and is called bloom and is a good sign. Bloom is a naturally occurring substance that protects grapes from moisture loss and decay.

How to store

  • Do not wash grapes until you are ready to eat.

  • Store in the refrigerator in the same bag it came in or another bag that can breath.

  • Keep dry while storing

How to prepare

  • Wash grapes in a colander under cold water and enjoy!

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