Like me, I'm sure most of you are spending a lot more time at home and looking for some small little projects to do that you never had time to before. For me, that was starting a garden!

Since you will be home more often, you can tend to your garden more, and you can use the fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs more in your cooking and have less trips to the grocery store.

This is something that anyone can do and you should all try at one point in your life. If you live in a house, you might have some ground to start your garden and will be the most ideal, but even people who live in apartments can get in on the action. I have a very small fire escape that I use or you could even put some pots in your window sill.

The first thing to do is to get all of the seeds that you would like to plant and do some research on them. Find out when the best time to plant is and what kind of soil they prefer.

The next thing to do is start the germination process if your seeds need it. I decided to do a pot of fruits and they needed to rest in the fridge for 30-60 days first. While that was going on, I went ahead and planted some of the vegetables and herbs that could go straight into the soil.

Once you have figured out when you can plant your seeds, you will need to figure out where you are going to have your garden and to make sure you have good soil. If you are able to grow a garden in the ground, make sure to find a place that is either in the shade or the sun, depending on what your plants need and get the soil prepared. If you are in an apartment like me, I took a trip to Home Depot and got some gardening soil and two big planter boxes to make my garden.

After you have planted your seeds, make sure to research again, how much water they need or how much sun and make sure you are watching them daily. Don't forget to label what you have you planted, so you know what is what when it starts to pop up. Once they have started to grow, you can research when you are able to start harvesting your plants and can enjoy your hard work.

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