Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers have become the hottest new trend in the last couple of years and research shows that in 2020, one in five adults will use a fitness tracker for exercise. The market has trackers from the most simple tracker that just tracks your steps to the most complex like the whoop or apple that collects all of your vitals.

There are 4 major brands of trackers in the industry and each has it owns niche.

  1. Apple: Apple watches connect to your iphone and and talk to each other. You can receive phone call and text messages and alerts to your watch. It also tracks your daily steps and your specific exercises, weather it be a run or strength training. They can also show you workouts on your watch or iphone. The watch can track your HR, calories burned and more.

  2. Fitbit: Fitbit trackers come in all different models. They have trackers that just count your steps to trackers that can track everything you would need. Fitbit can also be connected to your phone, and you can get phone calls, text messages, and alerts. Fitbit is better at tracking different types of fitness, for example it tracks your runs, just as well as your strength training workout or even a swim. Fitbit also will track as much as you want from steps, to HR, to calories burned.

  3. Garmin: Garmin is usually used to track running because it can be connected to a GPS, so it is very accurate for running, but it also can be used for other types of fitness and even swimming and biking. This watch can also be connected to your phone and send you phone calls, text, and alerts. Garmin will also track your calories, steps, HR and even your VO2 max.

  4. Whoop: Whoop is the newest tracker on the market and is just a tad different. It is a strap that you wear on your wrist like a watch, but there is no face on it, It doesn't have the time or anyway to see the information that it is receiving, which is its only downfall. The whoop literally tracks any vital you could ever want to know and is all analyzed and sent to your phone. The premises of the whoops is to track your fitness level and stress level and sleep level and figure out how well your body is recovering and how it will effect your fitness.

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