Being Healthy Around the Holiday's

The holiday season has officially begun and will continue over the next couple of months. These months are always the hardest to stay on track with all of the family get togethers, food, sweets, travel and not being as active. But this is not the time to give up on all of your hard work. So here are a few tricks to try this holiday season to staying active and eating healthy.

  1. Travel: Usually your family is spread out and you will have to travel. For some of you, it might be a quick ride in the car, but some might be a day ride or even a plane ride. Since you will be traveling more than usual, here are some things to remember. Stay hydrated. Always have a water bottle with you, especially if you are flying. Go grocery shopping before your trip and find good healthy snacks or things you can easily prep to have easy things on the go. People might be less likely to hit the fast food for convenience if they already have the meals or snacks made in the car! And we all know that airport food is very expensive so save a few bucks around the holiday's.

  2. Being away from your gym or usual routine or going into vacation mode is another thing that trips people up during the holidays. If you are staying at someone else's house for a few days or you can't stay on your usual routine, try to find small increments of time to get some activity in. If you are at a hotel or a friend/family's house, maybe pack some resistance bands or do a bodyweight workout for a quick 20 minutes before you head out. Another trick is to walk whenever possible. Instead of sitting down and taking a nap after thanksgiving dinner, go for a walk around the block.

  3. Indulge and enjoy a little. It is the holidays after all. It is okay to have a cookie or some pie with your meal. If you keep trying to avoid sweets, you will cave and mostly likely binge, which is not what we want to happen, so have some of your grandmas pumpkin pie (Just not the whole pie).

  4. Making small plates and controlling portions. Most holidays center around food, and usually really good food that you might not get all the time. So a few tricks to not eating everything in sight would be to find a small plate and fill it up, so you are tricking your mind into thinking you ate way more than you really are. You can take smaller portions of things so you can have variety. Your plate should not look like a pile of mashed potatoes with a side of turkey. Also make one plate at a time. Put everything on your plate and finish eating everything and then ask yourself, "Am I still Hungry?"

Enjoy and Happy Holidays

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