5 tips to for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Make a Colorful Plate

This not only makes your meal look more beautiful and delicious but it also ensures you get a wide variety of nutrients. Let's face it, some of the more nutrient-dense foods have the most vibrant colors. This allows you to enjoy more of the meal and feel better afterward since you will be eating food that provides healthy energy.

Portion Control

This ties in with the first tip. If you add variety to your plate your portions for each ingredient are less. Now, this can be a slippery slope since you can go overboard and accidentally end up making a huge plate of all the things on the table. For this issue, the key is a smaller plate. This way you don't add food to your plate you won't eat and end up throwing away. If you still feel hungry a couple of minutes after finishing that plate then get some seconds. Its Thanksgiving after all!

Look for the homemade...

Homemade items tend to be a healthier choice than store-bought packaged goods.

Enough said.

Sit Down and Enjoy the Meal

Thanksgiving is about sharing a meal with loved ones and being grateful for the ability to do so. So, once the meal is done, sit down and share in the rich conversation and bountiful meal. This allows you to relax and properly enjoy the meal all while sharing time with the people you love. Don't worry if you stray from the diet plans. Tomorrow is another day. Thanksgiving is not a time for stressing so enjoy your meal and all the delicious foods that come with.

Still get your exercise in

Holiday's don't need to interfere with your workout routine. Check ahead of time to see what your gym's holidays hour are and plan on going before your Thanksgiving Dinner. If your gym is closed or you don't belong to one, go for quick walk before heading over for thanksgiving, or go for a walk with family after your meal. If you are feeling really festive, its never too late to sign for a turkey trot the morning of.


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