30 Day Fitness Challenge- Week 2

Hope week 1 went well for everyone and we are ready to start on week 2!

For week 2, we are challenging you to focus on drinking more water. Most adults should be consuming 8, 8oz of water a day. So this week you will work on getting as close as you can to that number.

Maybe you are someone who never drinks water, then maybe start by drinking a glass when you wake up and before each meal to try and add more water. Maybe you are someone who already is good at drinking water, maybe your goal is to track your water consumption every day and see how close you are to the goal and be consistent with it for a whole week.

Water is not always readily accessible, so filling up your own water bottle and carrying it around will help you reach your goal.

Don't forget to also do your week 1 goal of getting 30 min of fitness everyday. Once you have completed a challenge, take a picture and post it to instagram or our facebook page. Every post enters you into a drawing for a free 60 minute massage.

Good luck!

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