Exercise physiologist and personal trainers both use exercise to improve the health of their clients, but one primary difference between the two is that an exercise physiologist (EP) are healthcare professionals who has completed a bachelors degree in exercise physiology and/or is certified. On the other hand, personal trainers do not need a degree to be certified.

Another difference is that personal trainers usually work with seemly healthy individuals , whereas EP work with both ends of the spectrum. Exercise physiologist use their knowledge while working with people who have been affected by disease or chronic illness and their objective is to help improve the patients physical health through exercise. They also work with amateur and professional athletes to help boost their performance.

Exercise physiologist will evaluate their patients current health to design an individualized exercise program that will meet the patients needs and athletic performance goals, including endurance and strength and increasing fitness and flexibility, all while trying to reduce the number of injuries and to recover faster from them. 

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