Personal training can be done in-person at our gym or virtual through zoom. All sessions start with an initial assessment where we will use the In-body scale to get your weight, muscle mass, fat mass, BMI and body fat percentage. Next we get your circumference measurements and talk about your goals and timelines. Once we have gathered all of the information, we will create a custom training plan created just for your goals. 

All session are 1 hour long and are with a certified exercise physiologist. Exercise physiologist work with all kinds of clients ranging from pre/post pregnancy, athletes, obese, geriatric and the general population. 


Personal Training Includes...

  • Inbody scale body comp measurements 

  • Strength/Endurance/Cardio test

  • Get an individualized fitness program

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Wellness Living app for scheduling

  • Access to all equipment after session

  • Sweat towels

  • Coat hanger and cubby's to put belongings in

  • Choice of your music

  • 10% off all other services

  • Gym to yourself