Open Gym

Open gym is available to anyone in 1 hour slots. You must sign up prior to arrival and is $20. Only one person is allowed at a time, unless it is someone who lives with you, you may have up to 3 people at a time. You have access to the whole gym and have the place to yourself, so you may take your masks off while working out. 

Studio Equipment includes:

  • Spin Bike and Treadmill

  • Jump Ropes

  • DB up to 20lbs, KB up to 40lbs

  • Barbell, Squat Rack, plates up to 235lbs

  • Mats, Whiteboard, Pandora

  • 2 Ply Foam Boxes up to 30in high

  • TRX, 8lb slam ball, Resistance Bands

  • Sweat Towel, Lacrosse Ball, foam Rollers

300 Western Ave
Suite 4
Allston, MA 02134
(P) 617-903-3382
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