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Yoga Class



Beginner Yoga

Class will feature light stretching, gentle movement, and a focus on breath. This class is suited for all levels, whether you are completely new to yoga or have practiced many times. Take a few minutes for yourself to destress, ease into your week, and have some fun.

Meditation and Gentle Stretch

Class will include gentle stretching and an extended guided meditation. Come as you are and meet yourself where you are at, no previous mediation experience needed and all levels welcome. round out your week with a smile, open mind, and a sense of calm. 

* Virtual Class also available 

Slow Vinyasa

Build a breath-to- movement flow from the ground up with engaging Vinyasa-style flow. This class Introduces students to fundamental posotures and yogic breathing. The class links movements to breath from one pose to the next with an emphasis on the foundation of each pose. Expect to be challenged both mentally and physically. Class is slower moving than traditional Vinyasa, but still same concept.


Mobility and Stretch

30 Min class working on general aches and pains with lacross ball and foam rollers and then adding some strength exercises to work on coordination, improving balance and mobility. Ending with some light stretching.

* Virtual Class option

TRX and Kettlebells

30 Min Class using only TRX and Kettlebells. Also referred to as TRX/KB Class. Will include warmup, workout and a HITT or Cardio piece.

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