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Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions done in the gym will start with an initial assessment. Book an Initial Assessment  for Personal Training to get started

The initial assessment includes the In-body scale, body measurements, goal setting, and overall fitness evaluation where I will gather all of the information needed to create a  program that is created specifically for your individual needs and goals. 

After you have completed the Initial Assessment for Personal Training and picked either a pack or membership, you can start scheduling your Follow-up Appointment for Personal Training.

All sessions are 1 hour long including a warmup, workout and cool down/Stretch with a certified Exercise Physiologist. Exercise Physiologist work with all kinds of clients ranging from pre/post pregnancy,  to athletes, to geriatric, to post surgical, and of course the general population.  An Exercise Physiologist is not the same as personal trainers. They are healthcare professionals that have a degree in exercise science and have been certified by the American Society of Exercise Physiologist. EP are trained to work with healthy individuals, complex medical conditions, postural control,  improvements in sports performance, and even have a knowledge of exercise rehabilitation and injury recovery.​​

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