Covid has turned everything upside down, but luckily for us, the way our small private studio was set up, we didn't have to make any major changes, but here is what we have done to ease your mind and show you your safety is important to us. 

  • When we have any of our 1-1 services, you are the only person in the space (example, personal training or cupping or chiropractic is just the provider and you in our studio

  • We have added spray bottles with Clorox to clean every surface and equipment used

  • All equipment is cleaned daily and in between clients and classes

  • Floors are cleaned in between classes

  • All staff members have received their Covid vaccine and boosters

  • We have a HEPA filter that effectively removes 99.9% of particles and has a carbon filter that reduces odors. The filter reduces airborne bacteria, mold, virus, dust, and allergens. 

  • Mask are not mandatory in our office. You may continue to wear yours if you like and may also request your provider does as well.

  • We do ask if you have not been vaccinated to try to limit your exposure to staff and other members and wear mask or choose times that are less busy.