Chief Experience officer

My full name is Remington, but everyone calls me Remy. My mom is Sarah and she thinks she is the owner of this place, but we all know who really runs this place. I'm in charge of motivating people and making sure everyone has fun, but my most important job is to count everyone's reps and make sure no one is cheating.

A little bit about myself since I know your all dying to know more about me. I am a 4 year old Siberian husky and we recently found out that I am also 13% malamute. My mom rescued me from the MSPCA in JP and I am currently living with my third and forever home. 

I love to be outside especially in the cold and enjoy swimming and going for long hikes and runs. When I'm not being active I prefer to do nothing and lay on my couch.

Come in and say hi to me, I love meeting new people