Hours Available:
Sunday 10am-3pm
Monday 12pm-5pm

Hey! My name is Maggie, and you can find me at the front desk on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm originally from Los Angeles but went to UNC Chapel Hill for undergrad (go Heels!) and moved to Boston in 2019.

I was a high school volleyball player but fell out of a fitness routine in college. In my gap year between undergrad and law school, I worked front desk at an all women's gym, where I started working with a personal trainer every week and fell back in love with working out. I am a huge indoor cycling fan and also love lifting weights, skiing, hiking, playing sports, or taking long walks around Boston. 

I'm currently a full-time law student at Boston College Law School and will be graduating this May and starting a career as a government attorney in New York City. Outside of school and work, I enjoy plant-based cooking, fashion, travel, movies, crosswords, and expensive coffee.