"Each one of us is as unique as one could be.  We live different lives with different demands set upon us. As a consequence we both move differently and have different goals. This calls for an individualized program tailored to ones specific goals and needs. I strive to deliver quality coaching and massage therapy through evidence-informed practices. Working smarter and harder. A hybrid approach catered to restoring functional mobility all while increasing strength and improving cardiovascular conditioning. With an emphasis on the strength. I strive to aid in the development of motivated individuals who desire to become the strongest version of themselves.
My mission is to help people achieve higher levels of strength and performance, while decreasing the rate of injury through safe and effective training methods.With a sound and educative approach aimed at achieving in the individual a desire to keep learning and growing stronger."

Massage Hours

Monday: 10 am - 2 pm

Tuesday: 10 am-2 pm

ABout me

Ángel López is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Licensed Massage
Therapist. As a massage therapist his purpose is to get you of the table as quick as possible and moving pain free. As a trainer he strives to get you to continue getting stronger and accomplishing your goals with the knowledge you’ve gained long after we have stopped working together.

I have always been drawn towards human anatomy more specifically how to increase its
longevity through fostering the right mindset and cultivating habits that promote long term
success. Most likely for the same reason that images of my father making no excuses and
training in our house’s makeshift home gym back home in Puerto Rico will remain with me

When Angel is not working his interest include music, art, skateboarding, skiing, playing chess, chilling with his cat, traveling…ohh Eating!
He LOVES eating.


  • Endicott College (BA in Exercise Science)

  • Spa tech institute  (LMT)

  • Certified Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


After training a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from middle school volleyball to high
performance NCAA Division I,II & III sports. As well, as having been educated through many
human movement and training philosophies across a broad range of sciences. I developed a keen eye for targeting asymmetries that may lead to dysfunctional patterns, as well as, post rehab training.  This emphasis on developing sound movement coupled with extensive sports performance knowledge spawned a hybrid approach to fitness training.

This model lead by a commitment to the individual pushed me to go back to my roots and put some more hours in the lab (A.K.A. the gym). During this time I began to understand the importance of pain management since most of my clientele were post rehab referrals from the physical therapy clinic. Realizing manual therapy was a great intervention for someone striving to get back on their feet and moving again I dove into the world of massage therapy. Getting my education and license from Spa Tech Institute.

Now with both massage therapy and personal training in my back pocket I had truly developed a hybrid approach to movement wellness. This meant I would now be able to use massage therapy to modulate pain opening up a window of opportunity to introduce corrective exercises in order to bring balance back to the system. Helping empower the individual to create a strong
and resilient body that can go on to live a healthier and fuller life.